TANoti – { to expand }    |    TRAyate – { to liberate }

The practice of Tantra invites us to expand ourselves to include all of life And, from that experience liberating into oneness.

It is not a path of renunciation but seeing god in all expressions.
“Osho says Tantra is saying Yes to life.”
– Each experience of living can be a door to experiencing the ultimate reality/inner self.

Tantra is primarily the way to understand the mysteries of life and universe. It uses mantra, yantra, yoga, visualisations, sounds, polarity, sexual energy, chakra system, senses, breath, kundalini, emotions, Void, and all tools from this reality. Tantra emerged in various parts of the world almost at the same time. It started as a rejection of authority of scriptures and received knowledge in favor of experiential and embodied wisdom and directly transmitted awakening. Tantrikas believed the suffering of the human is due to the negative notion of separation. So, it opposed the existing practices of those times of asceticism and renunciation and celebrated life which is sensual in nature to go beyond it or to transcend and through that to understand the oneness.

Dhyan Samya

Dhyan Samya is a holistic healer. Her search for an evolved way of living started at a very young age where she felt the life around her was not satisfying to and started questioned the unconscious patters of the society. She has been a dreamer and kept intense interest in learning different subjects and reading books. The path opened up to her in her age 16, where she was introduced to Yoga and started experimenting with yogic way of living and started reading philosophy of various cultures. At her age, 21, she found her master, Osho and left home in search of knowing self and life deeper. From then onwards, she has been living a nomadic life.

She is having practical experience in various therapeutic courses (yoga, naturopathy, reflexology, reiki, tibetal pulsing, bodywork and tantra) and has attended many retreats and experiemented on herself many tools and techniques of self-development and meditation techniques.

She for the last 10 years, has been helping people to regain their health and wellbeing and has been empowering their lives, mentally and spiritually also.
She has been teaching in various international festivals and holds her own retreats and courses throughout India.

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